King Alfred’s Easter Photo Shots

April 26, 2014 

Happy Easter, guys!

I know I’m a little late! But, Easter sure was busy.Denise and Alfred Easter 2014 056

Moms had guests over – Auntie Bibi and her son, my Moms’ godson. We stayed with them in New Jersey back in 2012.

Remember, guys, when my Moms left me in our third-floor room all day and during the night I would prowl all over the house even going way downstairs to the basement where I would seek out “the dog” and torment him?! It was during Lent and I was really trying to be a better cat.

Any way! Not only did my Moms have guests over during Easter but Easter evening she took off again for Angola. This made it difficult for me to get out my Easter post.

Luckily, she made sure I got my Easter photo shots in before she left.

Denise and Alfred Easter 2014 005


Denise and Alfred Easter 2014 003

Denise and Alfred Easter 2014 012I know I gotta little shy towards the end of the photo shoot… But, what do you think, guys?! I look great don’t I?!

Happy Easter!



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