King Alfred’s Body Aches After His Visit To The Vet

April 15, 2014 

Guys! It’s Alfred… KING ALFRED. Or, what’s left of him. That vet visit left me shot.

“Alfred. Alfred? Alfred..!  Come say good-bye before I go to work.”

April 14, 2014 003 My Moms just doesn’t get it. I’m in so much pain after that vet visit I’m not about to go say good-bye to her. I can’t believe my own Moms put me through such torture!

“Alfred, are you still mad at me for taking you to the vet…?”

Guys, I didn’t answer that woman. I mean what does she think? Takin’ me to that vet, gettin’ that shot and then the humuliation of havin’ my little furry cat leg stuck out to get blood takin’. So, I stayed on my King ottoman – next to my King chair.  I didn’t move for an entire 12 hours.

Not only didn’t I say good-bye to my Moms, I didn’t say “hello” when she got back home from work.

“What’s wrong with you…?!” My Moms picked me up. And, guys, that put so much pain in my little cat body. I started hissing and sputtering and hissing. The King yawns 2013-09-15 18.19.48

“You’re in pain, Little Man!! You’re in pain!!” Moms was in shock. In terror actually. Guys, she put me on her bed at 6 pm, and I didn’t move the entire time. I just gave my Moms an evil look and hissed any time she touched me.  My Moms called the vet almost 20 times demanding explanations why her Little Man (that’s me!) was in such pain. They assured her it was due to the FIV vaccine and should go away in a few hours.  Moms was furious no one told her about the side effects ahead of time. We both agreed that we should got back to our Banefield vet. Moms was supposed to go to Durham that evening. But, she stayed next to me the entire night.

At 4 am in the morning, I got up and felt great!! Absolutely great!! “Moms! I’m all better! I feel great!”

Guys, my Moms went off to Durham and I held down the fort. I’m all better now. It’s been like two weeks. But, guess what. My head – my furry little cat head – still smelled like stale urine from peeing in my carrying case when we went to the vet. And, guys you know how much I hate bad odors.  So, Moms washed my head today. In the bathroom sink. I didn’t like it. But, now I smell really good, guys! Plus, I feel great!


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