King Alfred Panics Over Construction At the DC Townhouse

Hi Guys!

It’s me Alfred! KING ALFRED.

Boy! You won’t guess what happened to me on Monday.  My Moms brought over these construction guys to our DC townhome. Can you believe it?!Real estate deals, Alfred, and CBS 001

“Now, Alfred, let’s put you inside the laundry room….”  My Moms said as she scooped me up just as I was melting down into a sheer panic after hearing a knock on our DC townhouse door.  I could hear the loud and heavy footsteps of men coming up the stairs and I knew Tita was in the kitchen. Trapped in the hallway, I panicked not having anywhere to hide.

You guys know that on our North Carolina farm I had the pantry to hide in.

The King in His Pantry

The King in His Pantry

But, in the DC Townhouse I usually hide in my Moms closet. I used to hide in the laundry room when guests I didn’t like came to visit my Moms. But, I stopped likin’ that and now I hide out closer to my Moms in her closet.

“But, Moms! Why do I have to go into the laundry room? I don’t like that.” I protested.

My Moms ignored me and she told Tita to be real still as she quickly pushed me into the dark laundry room. She knew I would freak out completely if Tita continued making her breakfast moving about like she owned the kitchen when I’ve been trying to tell her all this time that I’m the KING of the house and she’s not allowed to be in any room I go to.

Guys, as soon as I got inside that laundry room I started hearing all these loud male voices and I was so happy to be there safe and sound in the dark. But, I was still afraid. And lonely.

So, I was holding out. In the laundry room. Waiting for my Moms to chase those men away when I realized my Moms had left the house. Not only that, but, guys, HOURS went by and those men were kept drillin’ and hammerin’ and talkin’ real loud. I was so scared. So, so, so scared. Guys, I was all alone in the dark – like without my Moms and stuff.  I was really panicked. I didn’t know what was happenin’

So, I stayed real quiet – hopin’ those construction people wouldn’t find me until my Moms got back to save me. But, hours kept going by and they were still there.  I thought I would pass out. Yeah, guys, like pass out and die…!

Then like 7 hours later the noise stopped. But, I wasn’t going out there to see if the people had gone. I waited alone. All by myself.  At 5 pm, I heard the front door open and I knew my Moms was back. Boy! I was so happy. But, I stayed in the laundry room until my Moms found me.

“Alfred! There you are! How are you, Little Man!” My Moms cried out as she opened up the door. The bright light from outside hit me and I could hardly see my Moms. Squinting, I meowed and purred so grateful she had rescued me yet once again.

Guys, I was so happy. Back in my Moms’ arms.  I looked around and eventually jumped down to see what those construction men had done to our DC Townhouse while my Moms was away.

Guys, I didn’t see any big deal after all that commotion. They left all this dust and my Moms kept talkin’ about new lights and how great they were.

And, I almost had a cat heart attack over all that noise! Moms didn’t notice that!!

All I know is my Moms is back, those construction men are gone, and I’m free to roam the DC Townhouse as the King that I am.


2 responses

  1. King, you’re still having a tough time. Did those construction guys fix that toy that I sent you several months ago.

    By the way, what are you getting for Christmas? Hope you have a good one!

    1. hi Grandpops!

      Thanks for writing me. No… the construction guys didn’t fix my toy. I guess I’ll have to wait for my Moms to get around to it.

      I’m glad you asked about Christmas because I’m tryin’ to write Santa about my list and my Moms hasn’t had any time to help me with it. All I want is my birthday toy you gave me to work right and some new balls. I lost my other balls with all the movin’ around my Moms has us doin’. I’ve probably left balls at every place I’ve lived with my Moms.

      Grandpops, what do you want for Christmas so I can tell Moms…?


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