King Alfred’s 4th Birthday Party

So, guys, I had my 4th birthday party the other week-end.

It was okay…

Here’s my birthday picture with my Moms. Moms is all excited – wearing her East Africa shirt ’cause I’m from Rwanda. And,  I’m copin’ a ‘tude. I’m just not feelin’ it…

King Alfred and His Moms on his birthday - cropped 9-2013I was all excited but then I saw that nobody was paying attention to me. Everyone was talkin’ and getting things ready for the birthday dinner.

Then, my Uncle J said grace. He thanked God for the food and friendship. But, he forgot to thank God for my birthday – for my turning 4!

Can you believe it?!

Luckily, my Moms intervened to remind him that the reason for our gathering was my birthday. Then Uncle J thanked the Lord for all the animals he put on the earth – including me!! So, I did get my birthday blessing after all.

Then it came time to eat. And, do you know what happened? My Moms’ guests ate my grilled fish. That’s right. Moms grilled the fish especially for me but everybody ate it. Moms forgot to give me some!

And you know what, guys?! My Moms forgot my number 4 birthday candle. So, when she brought out my birthday cake there were no candles. Just these cheesey King Alfred's Birthday Cakematches! Isn’t that tacky?! Look at my birthday cake! Doesn’t it look lame?!

But, you know, guys, even though things turned out just “okay” I am so grateful I finally had my very first and very own birthday party!

Given to me by my Moms!

Happy Birthday to me!!


4 responses

  1. King it sounds like you are having a tough time of it and not getting the recognition that you deserve. I guess I will have to come up there and look after you and to make sure you are aright.


    1. Yeah… Grandpops… I had a tough time at my birthday party. But, like I said – it’s okay. In the end, I got my very first and very own birthday party. So, all’s good…

  2. Alfred, you have become a FAT cat! You and your Moms need some exercise! Good Grief! All you do is lay around and eat and complain, and who knows what she does! Yikes! Fat cats I can’t stand! Happy Birthday anyway…I guess.
    Aunt Charlene

    1. Auntie! I’m not fat! It’s just the picture. In fact, I’m a lean, mean cat machine! My Moms has me on a strict feeding plan. I only get two feedings a day. Look at my other pictures, Auntie.


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