King Alfred Prepares To Celebrate His 4th Birthday

Hey Guys!

Guess what!! My Moms is giving me a birthday party this evening!  Can you believe it? It will be my very first birthday party. Ever.King Alfred again in his chair 2013-09-15

Last night I got so excited thinking about my party I threw up. Well, actually, I threw up because I ate my Moms basil plant. She said she was going to get me some cat grass today but I think all the running around she’s had to do to get ready for the party hasn’t given her any time to get me my grass.

I’ve been helpin’ my Moms with the party today. I was there when she grilled the ribs. I was there when she put the blue fish on the grill for me. I was there when the grill went up in flames and I told her to be careful because my birthday party wasn’t worth losing our DC town home over.

In the morning, I rested because my stomach still wasn’t feelin’ too good. I stayed snuggled in my Moms bed.

Right now I’m sittin’ in Moms’ favorite chair – it’s my KING chair. I’m not supposed to sit here but today I’m definitely THE KING.

Just gettin’ ready for my very first and very own birthday party…

Stay tuned for my next update when I tell you all about my gifts and the fun I had!


4 responses

  1. Happy Birthday King!

  2. Happy birthday Alfred! Post more often. You’ve been pretty quiet lately!

    1. Thanks, Aunt Carol! Yeah… I’m trying to post more but my Moms never wants to let me use the computer. Can you believe it?! Now that I’m 4 years old maybe things we’ll change.

      We’ll see.. If not, you gotta talk to my Moms for me!


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