Happy Labor Day! From King Alfred

Hey Guys!

Like where are all my Happy Labor Day wishes? When I opened up my blog post today I didn’t see one message from any of you! What kind of loyal fans are you?Alfred ponders life in DC July 2013

So, any way… I had a good day. What about you guys? I had a nice relaxing day watching my Moms do errands and run around the house to straighten the place up.  I made sure she cleaned out my litter box. It was gettin’ pretty smelly in there. My Moms has been pretty lax in cleaning it up lately.

Maybe my Moms is mad that I don’t sleep with her any more. I mean now that I’m a big cat – you guys know I turned 4 this summer and I’m still waitin’ for my Moms to give me my birthday party – I like to sleep on my own in my favorite chair by the window. I used to have a whole room to myself but I can’t go in that room any more because it has to stay “cat-hair-free” for Grandmoms and guests. Also, I’m all used to my Washington, DC town home. I’m not movin’ around from one place to another like I was going from the farm to Durham and back and in my early life when I was livin’ all over Africa and stuff. I stay right here in the town home. In October, it will be a whole year without my ever leaving the DC town home. Can you believe it? And, I’m used to my Moms’ week-end traveling jaunts so I don’t need to sleep next to her out of fear of abandonment or due to a nightmare, caused by separation anxiety. I’m all over that now.

But, guys… I should let you know that I still need my Moms when I get sick. I got sick a couple of nights ago. There I was… sleeping all alone in my favorite chair like the Little Man I am. It was like after midnight or somethin’. I felt my stomach go bad and I got up to try to make it to my Moms’ room to let her know I was gettin’ ready to throw up. But, I didn’t make it. My whole little cat body was taken over by heaving.

“Alfred! Alfred! Is that you?! Are you sick?! What’s wrong, Little Man?!” My Moms came running out of her bedroom in sheer panic.  “Little Man, did you eat something bad?! Are you poisoned or something?!”

I couldn’t even answer my Moms. I kept heaving – having lost complete control over my cat body. I felt like the world was going to end. I couldn’t even see my Moms but I heard her voice and was so grateful she was there to rush me to the Cat Emergency Room in case it was really bad.

Finally, it all came up.

“Alfred..? What’s that you just heaved up?”

But, before I could even take sniff of it and maybe a little taste to answer my Moms’ question and tell her what it was,  I started heaving again. And up came more.”

“It’s all white…,Man. Your cat food is brown. Maybe it’s a hairball…? It must be a hairball. But, you’re eating your expensive, $20/bag, intense hairball control food every day now.” my Moms stated perplexed. “I hope you’re not going through a hairball mania phase like you did back on the farm. Oh well, let me clean it up and let’s go to bed.”

And, that, guys, has been the biggest event in my life these last few weeks.

Hope your Labor Day was hairball free..!


4 responses

  1. Hi King,

    Sorry for the belated happy Labor Day! Hope you are feeling much better now

  2. A belated happy Labor Day King!
    Sorry to learn about your heaving and hope it is better now.

    Did you get that Cat’s Meow toy working that I sent you? Let me know what you think of it.

  3. A belated happy Labor Day King!
    Sorry to learn about your heaving and hope it is better now.

    Did you get that Cat’s Meow toy working that I sent you? Let me know what you think of it.

  4. awww poor little guy,,,

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