King Alfred Isn’t Invited to His Moms’ Family Reunion

Guys! It’s me – Alfred. KING ALFRED.

King Alfred upside down 2013

My feelings are hurt. I wasn’t invited to my Moms’ Family Reunion this year! Can you believe it?!  I’ve been invited to all the family reunions since I got to the States a couple of years ago.  This time my Moms left me in Washington, DC and drove to North Carolina – to the Homestead where I’ve spent over 35% of my 4-year life! – to attend the family reunion with out me.

What do you guys do when your feelings get hurt?

I’m havin’ a real hard time forgettin’ about this and forgivin’ my Moms.

“Alfred… Alfred… Alfred!!”

“Yeah, Moms…”

“Are you telling your blog friends that you didn’t get to go to the family reunion this year and your feelings are hurt?”

King Alfred ponders life in DC 2013


“Well, did you tell your so-called fans that all your relatives asked about you? They all went back to the back of the Homestead house to the pantry where you liked to stay to look for you and double check that you really weren’t there…?

“I’m gettin’ to that part, Moms… Let me tell the story my way!”

So, guys, I know some of you thought I wrote on my blog that I wasn’t comin’ to this year’s family reunion. Cotton Picking at Homestead 010But, I didn’t do that. Actually, I had my bags all packed up to go to the Homestead for the family reunion. It was a real rude shock when my  Moms didn’t come get me.  I can’t lie, guys, I cried when I got left behind.

But, I had my Auntie to keep me company and my Grandmoms’ had some friend come visit and stay with us. It was exciting. But, it’s not the same thing as getting to go to family reunion but I made do. Grandpops thought I was comin’, too…

Moms told me everyone had a good time. I’m glad. Just make sure you tell my Moms to invite me next year so I can support the family and know my position in the family and upholding the family pride.

Yours in family unity


2 responses

  1. I agree King Alfred I think you should get a brother or sister then you would not be so lonely!

  2. King Alfred it is best 4 you not 2 travel cats need 2 stay safe & traveling has risks so your Moms made a wise move not 2 tote U 2 the reunion. Yes, I know you were disappointed but you R not a kitten anymore so travel should B limited. Besides U had company 2 stay with U & it is kind of your responsability 2 watch hold up the homefront when your Moms is away that is 1 way you support family & uphold the PRIDE. Besides I am sure U have toys & the like & U could have done some house cleaning while your Moms was away. Sweet Pea here says she hates travel & the rest of the PRIDE here agrees all that riding in a carrier simply sucks. Maybe your Moms could get U a cat brother or sister I think that would B an excellant idea! An only cat is a LONELY CAT!

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