We Be Grillin’: King Alfred And His Moms Celebrate the 4th of July

Hi Guys!

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all are up late watchin’ the fireworks and all… Here in DC they’re like fabulous. Of course, my Moms didn’t DSCF0062let me go see them but everyone in our ‘hood is shooting off fireworks and firecrackers.  I never got to see fireworks on the farm. (My picture is from my July 4th celebration on the farm.) And, of course in Rwanda and Equatorial Guinea we didn’t celebrate the 4th of July.

So, did you guys eat a lot of barbque today?!

Moms and me grilled so much stuff on our little barbque grill today! I couldn’t believe it! First, my Moms wasn’t even going to celebrate. But, I told her that I had never had a real 4th of July and she had been away so long on one of her overseas trips that I deserved something special. So, my Moms agreed to grill some ribs. But, I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted some grilled fish.

Lately my Moms has been cookin’ fresh fish for me – ever since she got back from her trip in Malaysia and I stayed with my Auntie April and a new Auntie who’s stayin’ with us for the summer in DC.  I really like the fish and I thought it would be nice if my Moms grilled me some on the grill.

Guys! Grillin’ is great! I mean all the smoke (my Moms isn’t great with the charcoal and lighting fluid and things get really smoky), the sizzle, the tender meat, all of it!  I love it. I love the 4th of July! I mean this is what independence is all about, right?! Being independent and grilllin’ it your way.  Just like my Moms: an Independent Lady. So, my Moms and her friends ate their barbque ribs and I ate my fish.

Well, guys. I gotta go! My barbque fish is waitin’ for me!

Hope you guys have a happy 4th!


3 responses

  1. I am glad that you seemed to have had a nice 4th of July, and I am sure you will be looking forward to the next one. Take care!

  2. Alfred U sound so much happier now that your Moms is home doing things with U ! Our Mom did a huge grill out just 4 us & her. We had chicken, steak, and potatoes & home grown zucchini. Us cats have a little “veggie” garden in our fenced (where) we R protected. We have fun with Mom working along side of her caring 4 OUR veggies. YUP you R right an Independent Lady makes 4 a Great Mom! Cheers the Utz Pride & of course Sweet Pea who simply adores U.

    1. Wow… Miss Regina, sounds like you all really had a nice time! Please tell Sweet Pea I’m real fond of her, too…

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