King Alfred’s First Pictures in Washington, DC

Hi Guys!

It’s me Alfred. KING ALFRED!

Guys, have you noticed that my Moms has been recycling pictures for my posts?

Alfred on the floor

She keeps using the same ole same ole pictures.

Haven’t you wondered why she’s doing that? Don’t you wonder what I look like now that I’m living in Washington, DC?  I mean I’ve been really embarrassed when Moms finishes editing my blog bringing you my latest and greatest thoughts on all the adventures I’m havin’ and then she goes and puts up some old photo that she’s shown you like a gazillion times.

Well, the reason my Moms has been doing this is because she lost her camera.  Moms didn’t want you all to know about this. She says I’m not supposed to tell my fans about any issues she’s having. (But, it’s okay for you all to know all about my issues, right?)

Any way… ! And, because my Moms is so cheap (you all know how cheap my Moms is, right?) she didn’t want to go out and buy another camera. She didn’t prioritize me and my blogs and my need to connect with all my fans out there in blogsphere using updated pics. (I won’t mention the problem of my Moms not posting me to YouTube… I mean like how is my career going to take off??)

Can you believe it?!

So any way, Moms found out that she could get a camera at her job – like an iphone or somthin’ – and she signed up for that program. Now she can take pictures again.

So, here I am!!

Alfred on his back

I’ve been trying to pose for the camera.

But, Moms says I’m not “actin’ right.”

What do you think?

Are my pictures any good?  Are they capturing my new lifestyle? Do I look presidential here in the nation’s capitol?

Guys, you know not getting any new pictures for a really long time hurt my feelings. You know how sensitive I am. I’m trying deal with it.  I’ve conquered my anger management and separation anxiety issues. Now, I’m working on trying to get over the Easter Bunny dissing me. So, I’ll just add this issue to my new list.


3 responses

  1. Such a sweet furry tummy U have King Alfred, Love Sweet Pea (Siamese, Status single :)

  2. U look adorable N your NEW PHOTO. And U R acting right Sweet Pea loves the photo she still has a crush on U. And as far as the Easter Bunny dissing U “BAD BAD BUNNY” time 4 rabbit stew

  3. Hi King,

    Those are wonderful pictures that i don’t recall seeing before. I hope you will allow more of your pictures to be taken!

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