A Difficult Sunday For King Alfred

Guys! It’s me! Alfred. KING Alfred.Alfred

Guys, you won’t believe whatta difficult Sunday I’ve had. I mean my Moms just wouldn’t let up on me. She wouldn’t cut me any slack.

You see my Moms left the door of the guest bedroom open, and I just had to go in and explore. This used to be my room before my Moms closed it off for Grandmoms who’s allergic to cats. So, I went into the bedroom just to see if it felt as great as it used to. And,  guys, it did. Being in the guest bedroom – my room! – felt great. Just great! So, I did what I usually do and got up on the couch and fell asleep. Yeah… I took me a nice cat nap.

“Alfred! Alfred! Alfred!” my Moms started yelling. “Where are you?! I know you’re not up in that  guest bedroom now.”

I went real quiet and didn’t say anything. I was hoping my Moms wouldn’t know where to find me, if I held real, real still and didn’t meow or anything.

But, she found me.

“Alfred! There you are! Sleeping on the guest bedroom couch! How many times do I have to tell you not go into that room and leave your cat hair all over the place?!”

Geesh! Can’t a cat get any kinda of peace on a Sunday afternoon? Any respect?

So, that blew it for my cat nap.

Then, guys, I look up and guess what? My moms had some guest in the house. Can you believe it?! Like another auntie or somethin’.

“Alfred, come say hello to your Auntie Margaret.”

Well, I hid for a while but after such a great experience with my last auntie I thought I’d come out and say hello.

“Oh no, Dee, I’m allergic to cats. I don’t think I can have Alfred around me, ” this new auntie announced.

What – ?! Guys, did you hear that? Like, I’ve now got an auntie who’s allergic to me. What kind of auntie is that?!

In the early evening, the new auntie left, and I went into the kitchen to get a snack. I was crunching on my Fancy Feast Dry when my stomach didn’t feel so good.

Uh oh! I had to barf. I started choking and coughing up my Fancy Feast. It came up right when my Moms came running into the kitchen screaming about was I okay or something.  You know how Moms get.  I took a look at what I had coughed up and then decided I should taste it.

“A-L-F-R-E-D-!! Don’t you eat that!!”

And, with that, guys. I took off. I ran as fast as I could from my Moms. There was no way she was going to mess up my Sunday afternoon any more than she already had…

Hope you guys had a good Sunday afternoon!


2 responses

  1. King Alfred is not the problem rather King is a very sentaive kitty

  2. Sorry that you are having a tough time of things right now King. There must be a better way to stay out of trouble.

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