The Easter Bunny “Disses” King Alfred

Hi Guys,  easterbunny1

It’s me, Alfred. KING Alfred.

Guys, like you know, I’ve been waiting for the Easter Bunny. But, he hasn’t come yet.

Can you believe it?!

Do you think he forgot me? Like do you think he “diss’ed” me?

I asked my Moms to google his address so I can write ‘em and let him know that I’m still waiting for him to bring me my Easter basket.

Here’s the address below.  Could you guys write, the Easter Bunny, too, and ask him if he’s still comin’ or if he really is “dissing” me?

Mr. Harry E. Bunny
1400 Cottontail Dr.
Rabbitville, MO 64151


2 responses

  1. Hi King Alfred,

    We have an Easter Bunny here if you would like to visit. Just let me know and I will send you an airline ticket.

    1. wow… really? Well, I don’t really like traveling unless I really have to. I’ll have to talk it over with my Moms.

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