King Alfred Has An Emotional Meltdown Over Easter

King Alfred Survives The Hurricane“W-O-M-A-N!!! Where’s my Auntie!?! Where is she?! Where are you hiding her?! I want my Auntie! Bring her back!”

Hi Guys…  It’s me. Alfred. King Alfred.

All that shouting up above is from me. I had an emotional meltdown over Easter.  My Auntie and my Moms left me all by myself in the house. I couldn’t take it.

You see my Moms left me for like a month or somethin’ when she went to Angola in Africa for work.  She sent me a new Auntie – Auntie April – to stay with me while she was away. At first, I didn’t like this new Auntie. You guys know how I get. I still have anger management issues.  So, I hissed at her, hid from her and refused to acknowledge her presence. But, my Auntie April stayed so sweet with me, talking quietly to me and even buying me new toys to make me play with her.

Then one day – like a week or so after my Moms had left me – I couldn’t take the lack of affection and all my Auntie’s sweet talk was getting to me. So, I just lept up on to her  while she was working on her computer and the plopped my little cat body into her lap. After that day I started following her all around the house, sleeping on the bed with her… I even got under the covers with her when she didn’t know it because I needed affection. But, don’t tell my Moms about this ’cause it might hurt her feelings…

Then my Moms showed up – back from Africa.  I was like, “Who are you?” I gave her the cold shoulder for a while. I mean like who did she think she was walking off like that and then showing up again? Well, the next day I was back to my old self and realized my Moms was back and I was like SO HAPPY!

I realized “Wow! I hit the jackpot!”  I have an Auntie and a Moms. I was running back and forth between my Moms’ room and my Auntie’s room. I was playing with Auntie then purring with my Moms. I mean like how great is that?

I wrestled the computer from my Moms when she got back and started jotting down some notes for my blog. I was preparing for the Easter Bunny’s arrival  and just enjoying life. You know.

Then B-A-M!! It was all over!

I got up one day, guys, and both my Moms and my auntie were gone! I was back in the house alone again! I couldn’t believe it!

So, when my Moms got home the other day just before Easter I had an emotional melt down. How could my whole little cat world come crashing down like that?

Wells, guys… That’s my update.

I’m going back to wait for the Easter Bunny. He hasn’t gotten here yet.  He’s like late…

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  1. Poor King! You must get better treatment.

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