King Alfred Helps His Moms Bake Thanksgiving Pies

“Moms! Moms!  Let me peel the apples for the pie! Let me peel them!”

“Calm down, Alfred. You can peel them. I told you you could help me with the pies this year.”

“Yeah, Moms! Just like I did last year. Remember what you said? You said I was a big help!”

“That’s right, Alfred. You were a big help.  You ran up and down the homestead hallway every time I took something out of the refridgerator for the pies. You were so excited. And, yes, you did help me make great pies.”

“Yeah. That’s right! I was a big help!”

“Well, we’ll finish putting together the apple pie, and then we’ll work on the pumpkin pies. I’ll bake the pumpkin pies here. But, I’ll bake the apple pie at the Homestead.”

“W-H-A-T?! You’re going back to the Homestead?! What about me? You’re gonna leave me here?! I wanna go back to the Homestead, too..!”

“Well, Alfred, it’s Thanksgiving, and I need to get the pies to the neighbors in Durham and then to Detroit.  You know…”

“What, Moms?! You’re leaving me here for Thanksgiving?! Just like you did last year?!  I thought Thanksgiving was for family?! Aren’t I family? Remember my second Thanksgiving when you went to the Ambassador’s for Thanksgiving in Equatorial Guniea and you left the evening early to make sure I got my turkey while it was still hot….?! Remember that?! Do you remember? What happened to those days when we used to spend Thanksgiving as a family?!”

“Alfred.. Alfred… yes, of course, I remember. But, you know when I’m in the States I have to Grandmoms’ for Thanksgiving. And, you don’t like to travel.  Plus, Grandmoms is allergic to you and then there’s the extra cost for your ticket…”

“Moms… Moms.. What’s that sharp noise? You know I don’t like loud shrill noises.”

“Why, it’s the smoke alarm, Alfred.”

“Moms, are you burning up the pies again just like you did last year?  Remember the whole kitchen was covered in smoke and I thought the fire department…”

“Afred. Alfred. A-l-f-r-e-d!! Stop all those stories. Your readers don’t want to hear you tell all your exagerations! You know the smoke alarm went off because crust from the pie dropped in the oven and burned causing the place to get a little smoky. You were never in danger. Why are causing such a commotion…?

Guys, I gotta go help my Moms finish the pies before she burns down the house.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



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  1. Hi King Alfred it is your friends in Iowa our Mom is helping us write to you. We got to help make pies too. BUT the best was helping with the TURKEY. It was hard work getting that big bird in the oven. Our Mom decided 2 years ago that she was making Thanksgiving a private holiday that only includes all of us Caesar,Colombo Dana Emily Faith Gus Jazz Jeremiah Maiah Marilyn Mickayia Muffy Noel Raezin Ripley Romeo Rudy Santiago Sassy Senorita Silly Girl Sweet Pea Timber Toby Vegas White Paws Winston and Jazz and HER. That way it is more fun and she does not have to leave the house. So you Moms sets off the smoke alarm too! Ours does too she really does not like to cook and we make a commotion because the smoke alarm means that something is on FIRE. So did you get some turkey? We enjoyed ours and we lots of little tubs of leftovers Mom takes all the meat off the turkey while it is warm and then takes these wierd things called scissors and cuts the meat into little pieces. Hey it works some of us cats are old and don’t chew well. Last week we started our vet visits Marilyn and White Paws and Caesar went they got their teeth cleaned , ears flushed and lab tests and vaccines or booster vaccines. We all will be going 3 every week. We have an older vet and he is very good and takes care of us. Mom said we have money in our trust to pay the vet bill which will be about $10,000.00 for all of us this time around. You look very good you must go to the vet too. Well time to convince Mom that some turkey leftovers and nap would be an excellant idea. Can you have your Moms email your mailing address so we can send you a Christmas card? We make ours on Shutterfly every year and they are so fun.

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