Last Day To Vote For King Alfred As The Most Adorable Pet In North Carolina’s Triangle Area!

Hi Guys!!

Today is the last day to vote for me in The Most Adorable Pet Contest!  I’m number 257 out of 293 entries. That’s because my Moms entered me late.

Alfred Licking His Tail

He’s my picture that Moms used to get me my votes.

Moms tried to post a little widget for you guys to click on and go right to voting. But, you guys know how bad her computer skills are.

Any way, guys!  Here’s the link for you to vote for me!

One response

  1. Oh King Alfred we did not get to vote for you. 5 of our Pride got sick with ear infections and nose things and other things and our Mom was running around like crazy taking care of us that were sick and all of us that were not sick. We are sorry that we did not vote and you are the cutest CAT in the world. Sweet Pea has a crush on you she is Siamese and a real little cutie. Mom found her in garage 3 years ago someone dumped her and she only weighted 1 and 1/2 pounds she had an awful disorder where she could not digest food so we helped and Mom took her many times to the vet. Now she is well and beautiful and can eat and play and she loves our Mom and she really likes YOU

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