King Alfred Needs Your Vote!

Alfred sucks his tailHi Guys!

Guess what!  Moms entered me into a contest!

Can you believe it?!

If you read my Facebook page you know all about it.  I don’t think I’ve tweeted about it, but any way… you all know now.

So, all you have to do is click on this link below. Leave a comment about how great I am.  Voting goes from September 3 – 28. Vote for me!

My picture is the best, don’t you think?!  I’m running to be a part of the Adorable Pet Calendar contest here in the Durham Triangle area. It like helps animals in need. I mean I would be in need, too, if Moms hadn’t gotten me 3 years ago.

Speaking of which, I think my birthday party is all set for the Sunday after this one.   You’re all invited. Make sure you come. My Moms and I are going to be holding it at the homestead. But, if you can’t make it, you can always send me a birthday card.


3 responses

  1. Hi king alfred,

    My dad let me borrow his email to say something.Can you tell yours moms if she can come back soon and to tell my mom about when she could come?If you do i will let you have the whole backyard to yourself except when the dog has to take a walk and also I can make sure the dog doesnt go into your territory or else your moms and my moms would be furious, cause you know the markers ( pee and poop) and also you can have the frontyard to and i will buy some chicken or fish for you with my dad if you tell her?

    The young child.

    p.s. buddy got a email account and also i want to tell you that buddy is younger then you he is only too and a half.



  3. Here’s the scoop on voting. Thought your photo below is simply beyond CUTE, went to vote for you and here is the problem NO VOTING YET see below and have Moms read too



    Voting will take place Monday, September 3 through Friday, September 28. Voting will end at 5:00pm on that Friday.

    Votes will cost 25 cents each pet with a minimum order of 20 votes ($5). No limit on how many votes an individual can cast for a pet.

    Pets who have enough votes to be in the calendar will be announced online Monday, October 1, no later than 5:00pm.

    The top 13 pets will be featured in The News & Observer on Sunday, October 21 in a full page ad with the owner’s submitted photo.

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