King Alfred Gets His Own Portrait

Hi Guys,

Alfred's portraitIt’s me. The King again.  What do you think of my portrait? It’s great, right?

Remember my January 6th post about how my Moms couldn’t bring back all my gifts that my Grandmoms got for me?  All my Christmas loot. Well, one of the gifts I got was my portrait.

Take a look at it. I’m pretty lucky, aren’t I?

My Moms put it up on the wall in our Durham House. Grandmoms got the portrait done in Auburn, California at the the Auburn Old Town Gallery when she went to visit our Cousin Anita whose an artist there.  A lady artist named Miss Linda did my portrait based on a picture that my Grand moms gave her. You can contact them if you want to have your portrait done, especially if you have a special cat, like me, in your life.

I didn’t even know my Moms was sending out my picture to all my family members.  I mean I’m kinda sensitive about that. Like, I don’t have the same  traits my Moms and other family members have. I have spots. My Moms doesn’t have any spots and neither do any of our other family members.  I have fur and paws and a few other differences, but otherwise I’m just like my Moms.  Don’t you think?

We both like fried chicken, and we like to get up early in the morning. Plus, we lived in Rwanda and no one else in the family has done that. Just my Moms and me.

Any way…

Alfred on a rug in DurhamI’m so happy ’bout my picture. I look great. My grandmoms is great for getting it for me, and my Moms is great.

My Moms is always great…


2 responses

  1. Alfred, your portriat looks great,
    Linda did a great job painting you. You are one good looking Cat. Cousin Anita

    1. Awh…Thanks, Cousin Anita. My Moms thinks I’m handsome, too… Tell Miss Linda thanks for painting me so nicely.

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