King Alfred Plans His Birthday Party

Hi Guys!

King Alfred Plans His BirthdayIt’s me. The KING. I’m writing to invite you to my birthday party. I’m planning it out now. I haven’t set a date ’cause as you know my Moms doesn’t know the exact date of my birth. So, I’m leaving it open. Actually, I’m waiting for all my guests to let me know when they’re free.

This year is a big year for me. I’m going to turn 3. My Moms keeps forgetting about my birthday and party and all.  I think she’s still mad at me for leaving my litter box in the Benz.

“Alfred. Alfred…Alfred”

“Yeah, Moms… I mean Ma’am”

“Are you on that computer again?! What did I tell you about getting on the computer when you haven’t cleaned out your litter box?!”

“Actually, I thought you said you were going to clean it out this evening, and you know I have to plan for my birthday party.”

“Birthday party…? What…?  Oh yeah… your birthday party! Of course…”

Jeez!  What kinda Moms forgets their own children’s and pets’ birthdays…?

So, guys, let me know what day you think I should have my party. I know my Auntie C’s birthday is in August. So, I want to give her first dibs on what day I should plan for.

4 responses

  1. Hi King, I think Mom should get you an I-Pad. My 29 cats find it very useful in keeping up with their needs, like fluffy beds, Avoderm cat food, Natural Balance cat food, and of course litter.
    Now, it is easy to overlook not bringing in a litter box, I mean you certainly are busy and things like this skip your mind and of course the box is very heavy and your little paws and body cannot lift it.

    We all including our Mom, Regina are enjoying your Blog very much, Thanks for writing it

    Sincerely, Regina Utz and Baby, Belle, Cesar, Colombo, Dana, Emily, Faith, Gus, Jazz, Jeremiah, Maiah, Marilyn, Mickayia, Muffy, Nevada, Noel, Raezin, Ripley, Romeo, Rudy, Santiago, Sassy, Senorita, Silly Girl, Sweet Pea, Timber, Toby, Vegas, White Paws, Winston, Yoko UTZ

    1. Hello Ms. Regina,

      Thank you for your kind and understanding words. I’m so happy someone out there understands me. Finally…

      I don’t think my Moms will buy an I-Pad. I mean she doesn’t even have one for herself. But, I am going to ask her to buy me some Natural Balance cat food. Can you find that at PetSmart? Moms is going to PetSmart today…

      The KING

  2. Hi King,

    Why not have a double birthday party with your Auntie C? It might be fun!, so ask her and then get back to me so that I will know the date. I will probably give you a gift that will help you keep the car clean when you are traveling.
    Any way . . .

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Wow! That’s a great idea, Grandpops. I’ll write Auntie C today and get back to you. I really do need something to help keep the Benz clean while I’m traveling with my Moms… I don’t know why she gets so worked out about the car.

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