King Alfred Stays Cool During Durham Heat Wave

Hi Guys!

How’s it going? Boy, it sure is hot down here. That’s why I haven’t been writing.  Heat stroke…

Alfred by the window in DurhamYou guys know from my other posts that I’m a regular southerner now – like  I even answer my Moms “Ma’am” when she calls me. But, I still haven’t gotten used to these Southern summers. Moms and I are down in Durham and it has gotten as hot as like 110 F. Really! Moms cranks up the air conditioning, but it never gets really cold inside our house.

I try to stay hydrated.  My moms is always filling up my water glass – yeah, that’s right; my Moms gives me a regular glass (actually it’s crystal – from TJMAX) to drink my water out of  because I don’t like those dumb cat bowls.

Since I moved to Durham I haven’t been able to get my sleeping right. I keep my Moms up all night running and racing around the house.  I know you are thinking, “Hey, King. Now that’s not right. Your Moms needs her sleep.”  I read your snarky comments about how I need to try to help out my Moms more and all…

But, really, guys.  I miss Nash County. I miss the homestead and the farm. The space. The fresh air. Even all the wild animales. So, I can’t sleep at night.

This year we’re growin’ tobacco on the homestead.  My Moms and I visit the farm during some Tobacco crops on the homesteadweek days.  I’m attaching a picture of our crops so you can see how they’re doin’.

On the 4th of July migrant workers came and picked the blooms off the tobacco. My Moms and I couldn’t believe they didn’t get the day off.

Well, guys, stay cool!

I promise to write again soon!

2 responses

  1. Hey al tell ur moms i said hello!!

    1. Hi Mr. Kevin, how are you? Okay, I’ll let my Moms know that you said “hi.” I’m behind on my blogs and I’ve gotta get workin’ on ‘em now

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