Why Cat Owners Still Can’t Have It All

Hi Guys,

Career vs. King AlfredMy Moms has been reading all the brouhaha on Ann-Marie Slaughter’s article Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,  published in The Atlantic.  Have you guys been keeping up on this as well?

Well, my Moms wants to use my blog space to explain Why Can’t Owners Can’t Have It All. Can you believe it?

Here  goes…!

“Hello, Loyal King Alfred the Cat Readers.  This is Alfred’s Mom.  I just want to share with you all – especially those of you who are cat owners – why I feel that after all these years, we Cat Owners still can’t have it all.

“Yes, clumping litter has reduced the time we have to spend cleaning out litter boxes.  And, of course, hairball control formula cat food has meant that we don’t have to watch our beloved pets suffer from coughing up hairballs – and we don’t have to step in all that  hairball mess either.  And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how beneficial those cat feeders and water fountains have been for our cats’ health.  But, we still cannot expect to have the time and energy we need to make our little ones happy and maintain an ambitious career at the same time – not to mention giving sufficient time to a human family.

“I am one of the few lucky ones. I only have my little Alfred to take care of in addition to a career.  I don’t have a human family. But still I find that I have to cut back on my work hours to make sure my Alfred’s physical and mental health are in good shape.  Sometimes I ask myself how can I succeed in both taking care of Alfred and excelling in my career. I mean someone has to be home when Alfred’s litter box gets too dirty for him to use.  And someone has to get up in the middle of the night when Alfred starts wandering around the house yowling out of loneliness.”

Moms…  Moms… Stop!! You gotta stop right there.  I can’t believe you’re saying all those ridiculous things.  You make it sound like I’m some kind or burden or something. You’re embarrassing me.

“Alfred, you just don’t understand. You don’t have a cat of your own. You simply don’t understand the sacrifice it takes to raise you as a loving and affectionate cat.  It takes hard, dedicated work. It’s not a job for just anyone…”

Okay, Guys… I’m going to have to stop right here.  My Moms – as usual – is outta control!!

See ya next week!


4 responses

  1. King Alfred you are welcome to visit anytime you would like to come. We have a blast when our Mom is sleeping. One game we play is to leap over our Mom’s sleeping body on to the booster pillows, but beware she gets miffed if one us misses & laids on her. We have a busy day planned today (August 22, 2012) first we need to order medical suplies for us cats, Mom noticed yesterday that we are getting short on iodine swabs, syringes & other items Mom likes readily available. Then Mom is going to mow our beautiful Kentucky Blue Grass she may wait until tomorrow to mow our 1/4 acre fenced in escape free backyard which is our playground 24/7. We love it so time to get Mom moving on the day: you have a GREAT day!

  2. Hi, King Alfred, U know what happened last night? Our Mom (we’re a big pride 30 of us wonderful cats (( inside & outside we have a special fenced in 1/4 acre where where we can play & run when we want & cat doors to acess at our leisure) anyway our Mom after working outside until 10 PM came inside & took a shower & then told us NO CANNED food this evening? Can U imagine we only had our many differant kinds of kibble. Talk about out of control Mom’s!!

    1. Hi Ms. Regina, your place sounds great. I’m going to ask my Moms if I can come visit you one day

  3. Alright King, if you can’t clean up after yourself, who will do it? So, be more flexible on some other things, like when you mom has to travel on business and take you or leave you at home. Reduce the complaining – okay?

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