Happy Father’s Day From Durham

Hi Guys!

AlfredHappy Father’s Day!


Guys, I’m here in Durham. And, I’m doin’ lots better than I was last time I was here and went into a deep depression.

My moms and I just want to give a shout out to all the fathers out there, including my Grandpops. My Grandpops always leaves me lots of messages on my blog and gives me lots of writing support since my Moms doesn’t always help me. You guys know my paws still get stuck in between the keys when I type my blogs.

You guys also know that I can’t become a father so I can’t party with all the other dads today.  I talked about that problem during last year’s Father’s Day. Last month my Uncle Les asked my Moms if I was thinking about gettin’ married one day.  And, my Moms explained to him about my neutering operation back in Rwanda.  But, you guys know that my Moms wouldn’t let me go any where so even if I didn’t have that operation I probably still wouldn’t be a dad today.

Any way, guys…

Just want to wish you and your pops a great father’s day!


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  1. Thanks King for the Happy Father’s Day wish! I am sure that there are enough dads out here so that you can experience fatherhood vicariously! It ‘s great, and once a parent – always a parent. Sometime you will stay awake at night wondering how the children are doing (even though they may be almost old enough to retire). So, you can expect that your Moms will be parenting you well after you are grown. By the way, how old are you? Don’t let it bother you, because it just the nature of parenthood.

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