King Alfred and His Moms Ponder Rabies


Guess what! My moms forgot to vaccinate me! Can you believe it? I just might die!

There I was enjoying a nice afternoon at the homestead when I started scratching.

“Oh King Alfred, I’m going to have to go get you your flea medicine at the Banefield Pet Hospital. You’re scratching and soon all those fleas will be all over my furniture,” my Moms said, which made me stop scratching. I hate that stuff. Makes me jump when my Moms squirts it on me.

At the vet’s my Moms decided it would be a good idea to check on when I needed my next rabies shot.

“Well, it seems that your Mr. King Alfred was supposed to get his rabies shot in 2011,” the Banefield vet told my Moms.

“Last year! What?! How did I get so behind?! What if my Little Man has to do hand-to-hand combat with an infected rat in order to protect the homestead? K.A. could get rabies! And die! And, where would that leave me?!” Moms screamed startled by the news to a baffled PetSmart worker.

Guys… I didn’t realize that my Moms could be as dramatic as me.

My Moms rushed home to tell me that I needed to be vaccinated and I was in danger of getting rabies until I got my shot.

“But, Moms! What kinda Moms are you if you forgot my shot?!” I screamed. My anger issues were kicking in. “I’m gonna have to report you to the Authorities!”

“Now, Alfred, calm down. I didn’t mean to forget your vaccination. And, you know how much you hate to ride in the Benz let alone go to the vet,” my Moms cooed softly, trying to pursuade me not to report her to the County Humane Soceity.

Guys, what do you think? Should I report my Moms to the Humane Soceity for neglect?

Let me know what you think.


One response

  1. Get you rabies shots King! We had 4 or 5 cats at the homestead many years ago and no one knew are said anything about rabies back then! Those cats were tough. They braved the weather in the winter, since they were not allowed in the house, and caught rats and mice they would fine on the porch, where they were allowed, and in the fields. They must have been very tough back then. Just get the shots – never mind reporting to the Human Society.

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