Left Home Alone Again, King Alfred Stresses…


Alfred by the windowMy Moms left me home alone again! Can you believe it?! I can’t take it. I just can’t take it any more!

Guys, I need your help in managing my Moms – like majorly. I mean does your Moms leave you by yourself alone in the house days on end?? Like not even callin’ you or anything. And, you don’t even know where she went. And, you have this  cat sitter you don’t even like, who comes by and looks after you?

My Moms does. I’m so stressed out. What should I do…?

Now, I’m always by the window, waitin’ for my Moms.

The other week I pleased my Moms by writing nicely to celebrate the first anniversary of  my blog. But, really, I was depressed because my Moms had left me by myself for 3 nights. While she was away large, noisy tractors came to plant tobacco on the farm. Then another day other tractors  came to cut the grass.  All that noise stressed me out big time. And, when my Moms got back, I was like really wigged out.  I couldn’t sleep at night. In the middle of the night, I would let out this huge Y-O-W-L… during major nightmares… like I was being chased by a tractor and my Moms was no where to help me.  To snap me out of it, my Moms had to stroke and pet me awake, and I  would purr with pure gratitude that she had saved me yet once again.

So, I was pullin’ out of my depression and gettin’ back to normal  an’ all when she left me again! Can you believe it, guys?! I’m so mad.  I am so angry at her!!  I hate it when my Moms leaves me.  Guys, this is cat abuse, isn’t it?! It’s wrong when a Moms or a Pops leaves their cat all alone to fend for himself in the cold, mean, cruel world. Don’t you think?!

Yesterday, I took my anger out by overturning my litter box and emptying out all my poop on the kitchen floor.  This of course was after I tore up Moms’ antique Persian rug. And you know what, guys?!  The cat sitter called my Moms and told her what I did.  She ratted me out!  Like who’s side is she on?!  I thought she was supposed to come and protect me an’ all.

I just can’t believe I’ve been betrayed again! Tricked by my Moms!  I’m so unhappy! I’m so angry!  My Cousin Lee told me  that the next time my Moms leaves me I should pack up my bags and leave. I’m so angry I think I’m going to leave. I just can’t it any more!!


Do I hear something…?

Guys… I think it’s my Moms.

I think my Moms is back…

I think she  came back to me…


“Moms…  Is that you…?!”

“M-O-M-S!!!  Moms! It’s you! “

“It’s Y-O-U! Moms!”

“You’re back!!  You didn’t abandon me forever like I thought!”

“You’re back to see your cat. Alfred. You’re darling KING ALFRED!!”

“Moms! I’m so happy to have you back! You know I’m so devoted and loyal and would never speak bad about you.  I love you so much…?

Guys!  Gotta go!  My Moms is back.

All is well in the universe…


One response

  1. Hi King Alfred,

    You are the best and keep up the work in getting out your blogs! Very interesting experiences that you are having.

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