The Dog Takes On King Alfred

Hi Guys!

It’s me again. Alfred.  The KING – yeah, that’s right.

Well lately my Kinghood is being challenged here in Jersey.  I mean, Guys, like what am I going to do with this dog?

He thinks the entire house is his.  I k-n-o-w that the third floor is mine, and really, I’m thinkin’ of expanding my territory to more of the house. Like, I really want to take over that basement. So, if you guys read my last post, you know I got stuck in the basement the other day, and it was really embarrassing.  Then my Moms caught me in the basement again and when I was trying to quietly and quickly creep back up the stairs she gave this big WHACK on my cat hind parts right when I snuck through her legs. I didn’t even squeal or cringe with embarrassment because I knew I was wrong.

So, now I’m tryin’ to figure out how to make that dog know that I’m the King. Of the entire house!

So, there I was in my room thinkin’ and thinkin’ when I heard this growling. The dog had come up to the third floor!  He left a big pile of poop at the stairs to mark the territory and challenge me and then peed in the hallway.

Oh no!  He’s comin’ after me!  What am I going to do?! I’m too scared to even say anything. Who would hear me up here on the third floor all alone.

“Alfred! Alfred!” my Moms called out coming up the stairs looking for me. “Oh no… what is this dog poop here?” Moms was startled – there I was backed up in a corner as the dog steadily approached me.

Moms entered the room and the dog and I were in an eye-to-eye deadlock. The dog was getting ready to attack me. There room was completely quiet.

“Alfred!  You’re getting ready to be attacked by the dog!  Why didn’t you say something?! Cry out or anything!  I didn’t know you were trapped in the room by the dog?”

And, I let out a sigh of relief, as the dog left the room when my Moms came in. Saved by my Moms again. But, I wasn’t going to let on how relieved I was.  I resumed my bravado of the King with everything under control.

“It’s okay, Moms. I got it all under control.”

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  1. THE DOG!!!! or you can call me buddy. | Reply

    Hi king alfred i am so sorry. I miss you when are you coming back there is a pet massaging place like in the living room. My human friend ( My owners other pets friend) stashed me a duhmpplin something like that and i threw up. I met this new dog he is huge but he is stuck in the screen thing in my living room. Also my owner and his other pet are on vacation with some cats who like to jump off the balcony of the building( as far as i know cause i watch my other owner use the computer ( my dad taught me some vocabulary when i was young, but unfortunately his name was mrs. calico) while emailing her friend in somewhere it said it was madrid maybe?Well i finally got grandma to like me she hates dogs, so since she doesnt have any other dogs to type for”she typed for me. Cant wait for you to come back!!!!


    p.s. there is a brand new white rug yea so comfy and my owners other pet put a ton of pillows on the bed and blankets so its so comfy!!!!sqiurrel! BARK! BARK!

    1. Buddy!!

      So, that’s your name! I just referred to you as the DOG but I’m so happy that you wrote me.

      How are you?

      I was afraid of you when I was in New Jersey. But, now I’ve overcome my fears.

      I’ll tell my Moms to take me back to see you and the family soon.


  2. Miss May Ling says, Stop freaking out King’s gonna be alright…

    1. Hi Miss May Ling, how are you? You were right about stop freaking out because everything would be alright. It was alright!

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