Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

The King just wants to wish you and your family a good Easter!

Spring is a time of rebirth, hope and renewal.

I’m reflecting on my relationship with my Moms and all of our advertures. I’m hopin’ for a renewed committment from my Moms to protect my health and look out for me on all of our adventures, and I’m tryin’ to be a better “angst-free” cat.  Over Lent, I tried to give up catnip and really look inside my little cat heart to see what I could cleanse. That was pretty easy since my Moms doesn’t give me that much catnip. But, being in Jersey during Lent really challenged me to cleanse myself of my anger and separation anxeity and try to be a good cat for my Moms.

But, Guys… it’s just that the dog got to me, and I had to break some of my Lenten vows not be a difficult cat for my Moms.

The King is hoping you didn’t have the same challenges over Lent and have a sense of renewal and rebirth and joy during this Easter season.

3 responses

  1. Happy Easter, King Alfred. Jasmine and I miss you and Moms already. We didn’t even get to see you on your visit.

    Look forward to visiting you this Spring/Summer.

    1. Thank you, Cousin Anita. I look forward to meeting. My Moms has told me a lot about you and your life in California.

      1. Ooopss… I got my family relations mixed up. You’re my Auntie Quita, not my Cousin Anita. Auntie Quita, I’m so sad I didn’t get a chance to see you in Jersey. I hope you come bak and visit my Moms and me on the homestead. They’ve started planting cotton already and I missed the whole things while vacationing in Jersey.

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