Driving Moms Crazy

Hi Guys!

It’s Alfred again. Yeah, it’s me!  How you Guys doin’?

I’m doin’ okay but my Moms and I are in a bit of a power struggle.  You see – my Moms just doesn’t want to accept the fact that I’m a cat.  And I do cat things.  Moms wants to have things her way. And me being a cat, I want to have things my way.  Here’s a picture of me refusing to come inside the house from the back porch when my Moms calls me.

I love going outside on the back porch at the homestead and feeling the natural cold air. The back porch is where the washing machine and dryer are, and Moms does the laundry. It’s only been just recently that my Moms lets me come out there because I cause so much trouble hissing and fussing and carrying on over other cats’ scents I smell. Now, that Moms lets me out I like to spend a lot of time out there.  But, she wants me to come in when she’s done with the laundry, and I want to come in when I’m ready to come in.  Sometimes when I refuse to come she reaches down and picks me up by my front legs – all wrong like. Talk about cat abuse! It doesn’t hurt me but it humuliates me… It hurt my feelings. I mean I’m a grown cat. Why do I have to get treated that way?!.

Any way…

Just some food for thought. Sometimes just being yourself can drive your Moms crazy…!


One response

  1. Yo Al ! can i call u al! ur grown so be a faithful type cat and
    cut moms a break. without her , where would u Be! give things time,tey will work out;
    and it’s good to be a cat. Nine lives, cat time and kitty litter.
    WOW! LG
    life is good. looking forward to ur travels!!

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