King Alfred Has A Night Full of Nightmares

Hi Guys!

Alfred here. Yeah… it’s me the KING. I know I don’t look so hot today. You can see it in my picture. That’s because I had nightmares all last night. For those of you who have been reading my blogs know that I have anger management and separation anxeity issues.  But, since my Moms and I have been settled here in rural Eastern North Carolina I’ve gotten a hold over my anger issues – for the most part that is.

Maybe I’m channelling all my issues into my dreams now because I’ve been havin’ some bad nightmares lately. Last night I woke up my Moms twice.

“Alfred! Alfred!” My Moms said alarmed, “What’s wrong, Little Man?!  You were crying out so loud in your sleep you woke me up. ”  Moms gently rubbed me awake so I could get my act together.

“It’s going to be okay, Little Man,” my Moms cooed to me.  “Just relax and go back to sleep.”

And, Guys, I did. I went back to sleep, comforted knowing that my Moms was next to me.  My Moms hasn’t left me alone for almost 3 weeks now.  I know you’re probably thinkin’ that’s not much. But, it’s a long time for her! You know she’s always going to visit GrandMoms in Michigan or off to some new location to see friends.  I guess her leaving me alone stresses me out or something.  Later on in the night, my Moms woke me up again.

“Alfred! Alfred!” my Moms cried. “What’s wrong, Man? You were shaking so hard in your sleep you rocked the bed and woke me up again. It’s going to be okay, Little Man. Don’t worry. Your Moms is right here and I’m not going anywhere.”

And, Guys, I was able to relax and go back to sleep, calmed by my Moms’ soothing voice and assured in the knowledge that she was right next to me.

Guys, I hope you have someone to soothe you and calm you down when you have a bad dream. Everyone needs someone to make all the bad things go away.

Sweet dreams, Guys!


6 responses

  1. King Alfred, maybe some vigorous play in the afternoon will help you sleep more soundly. If you can get a little aggressive during the day and show that bouncy feather thing on the fishing pole that you are the reigning king, you may sleep more soundly. I hope you have better nights soon!

  2. Little Man, I’m so happy to know that you find peace with Mom. Here’s an important message from Auntie Quita….”Never take Moms for granted. Cherish those who bring you peace and comfort”

    Sweet Dreams
    Auntie Quita

    1. Hi Auntie Quita,
      It’s so good to hear from you! I miss you so-o-o much! And I was wondering how you and Miss Jazzie were doin’. Yeah… I know I take my Moms for granted sometimes. I don’t mean to but when she’s actin’ crazy and all I just can’t take it. Thanks, Auntie, for reminding me about the important things in my cat life. Thanks to my Moms I have so much peace and comfort – and a few extra lives as well.
      Wishin’ you sweet dreams, too, Auntie!
      The KING

  3. Alfred,sir! we all dream similarily. So when one has one such as u have had then there is no need to fret,worry or to be concerned. try this the next time u go to sleep. 1. No
    chocolate, 2. no icecream, 3. and no chocolate ice cream. think good thoughts and be always more helpful than u already are. Give her a nudge or a playful nip every once in a while to let her know that ur there for her. one day i may be able to explain to u ur dreams
    or u to me we’ll see. pleasant DrEaMs.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Kevin, for your tip. I appreciate it. I hope you can explain to me and my Moms my dreams one day. That would make us both feel better, and I will try, Mr. Kevin, to be more helpful than I already am.
      The KING

      1. King, what about No chocolate, No ice cream, and No chocolate ice cream?! I like that suggestion.

        Seriously, I’m happy moms is able to comfort you. Maybe you can start praying before you sleep. It may prevent scary dreams.

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